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Product ID: SU00


We still offer the original ATR 1 3/8" rear sway bars for the G-bodys. This is the biggest rear bar on the market which bolts in place of the much smaller factory bar. This ATR bar will increase traction and stability. Sway bar only, hardware not included.
Price: $179.99

Product ID: SU01


For the ultimate in rear traction tunability, dual airbags allows you to balance the rear perfectly to get even traction.

Price: $109.00

Product ID: SU02


This is the first upgrade we recommend for your turbo regal. Helps improve traction by equalizing weight transfer to the rear tires.

Price: $49.75

Product ID: SU03


“Safety first” protect you & your car, required at NHRA and IHRA race tracks. Mounting bolts included, replaces factory straps.

Price: $39.00

Product ID: SU04


Lighter & stronger than stock, this is a nice final touch for any of your projects.

Price: $439.00

Product ID: SU05


Another must to allow your turbo car to hook off the line. Easy install.

Price: $19.00

Product ID: SU06


Pro-Series Rear Anti-Roll Drag Sway Bar - 1978-1987 GM G-Body: Regal, Malibu, Monte Carlo, etc
Price: $389.00


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